Anti Riot Tangle Gun[1]

The Anti Riot Tangle Gun in a crowd control weapon developed by Merr-Sonn Industries.


The Tangle Gun was developed during the early days of Emperor Palpatine's rule, in response to a requirement for a method of crowd control which was more 'humane' and less lethal than blaster fire. The weapon was taken out of service when the standard policy of the Empire switched from seduction to brute force. [2]


The Tangle Gun is a hand held weapon similar in size and shape to a standard heavy blaster pistol.[2]


  • Ammo - 15 pellets
  • Range
    • Short - 3m to 10m
    • Medium - 11m to 19m
    • Long - 20m to 25m
  • Cost - 300 Imperial Credits[2]


The Tangle Gun fires a large semi plastic webbing made from synthetic naorstrachem linked with a shrinkage element, which is activated by contact with a warm surface, such as a human body. The webbing is designed to tightly wrap itself around the target [N 1] trapping the individual, sometimes resulting is serious harm and, on rare occasions, suffocation.[2]



  1. In the event of two or more targets standing close together, the webbing will contract on the first target it hits.[2]


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