Gutretee warrior, with Bastaska held by fellow warrior in the background[1]

The Bastaska is the main weapon used by members of the indigenous Gutretee civilization on the planet Isis.


The bastaska is basically a crystalline spear which is usually produced from the Gutretee's own body.[N 1]

The spear can be transformed into a 3 metre crystal rope, which is used during the Contest of Strength that the Gutretees perform whenever the encounter a new tribe. To change the spear into a rope, the Gutretee chosen to participate touches the base of the spear against the ground, into which it slowly melts. The Gutretee then reaches into the ground, and pulls out the crystal rope, before offering the other end to their opponent. The loser is the first one to lose their grip on the bastaska. [N 2]

Behind the scenesEdit

The Bastaska is most likely named after Bastaska Greda, a mountain ridge in Bosnia and Herzegovina.


  1. Production is limited to one spear per Gutretee per day.[2]
  2. There is no information on whether the process can be reversed.[3]


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