Bazookoid comparison

Comparison between Mk I (above) and Mk II Bazookoids.[1]

A Bazookoid is a plasma firing mining laser used by mining colonies operated by the Jupiter Mining Corporation.


A standard piece of equipment on mining freighters like Red Dwarf, they look a lot like portable missile launchers. The Red Dwarf crew often use them as weapons.[1]

The Mk II can be loaded with blank cartridges, which are presumably used for training. [N 1] The Mk II lacks the red dismantler switch used on earlier examples. There was originnaly an optional back-pack, which was withdrawn.[3]


Type Settings Range Size Mass Charge
Mark I 1-2 5/15/40/80 750mm 2500g 750
Mark II 1-2 5/40/80/150 550mm 1500g 1000
Setting Damage Notes
1 10+2d6 Kill humanoid; cut 1m hole in 100mm steel in 3 minutes
2 10+3d6 Vapourise humanoid; cut 1m hole in 100mm steel or rock in 1 minute; cut 1m hole in duranium bulkhead in 15 minutes



  1. Lister used one in place of a live cartridge, as part of the plan to persuade Rimmer to become the next incarnation of Ace.[2]


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