Blaster Power Pack Bomb[1]

The Blaster Power Pack bomb is an improvised explosive device.


The bomb is made by taping together up to five overloading blaster power packs.[N 1] Each pack is set to maximum intensity, before the Overload Strum Dowel is removed. Removing the dowel allows the energy in each pack to accumulate without being safely dispersed. Any blaster pack reaching critical charge without the dowel in place will overload and blow up, detonating any attached packs, resulting in a explosion normally taking place approximately 30 seconds after the dowels are removed.[1]


Normally used for demolition when taped together as a bomb. Individual power packs can be used as simple grenades.[1]


  • Range
    • Short - 3m to 7m
    • Medium - 8m to 20m
    • Long - 21m to 40m[1]
  • Damage
    • Point Blank (1m to 2m) - 1D per power pack
    • Short (3m to 4m) - -1D from Point Blank
    • Medium 5m to 6m) - 2D from Point Blank
    • Long 7m to 8m) - -3D from Point Blank[1]

Additional infoEdit

As this type of improvisation is more dangerous for the bomb maker than the target, it is recommended that it should only be attempted when absolutely necessary, and then only by persons who don't have loved ones waiting for them back home.[1]



  1. Five packs is the maximum number recommended for a single bomb, as six or more overloading packs in such close proximity tend to blow up immediately.[1]


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