Standard DH-17. [1]


The BlasTech DH-17 is the standard issue military sidearm for personnel serving with the Imperial Navy and the New Republic. A sturdy and reliable design, the DH-17 has a chamber for blaster gas above the grip, sufficient for 500 shots. A 100 shot power pack is located ahead of this, above the trigger, and can be replaced in about five seconds, while drained packs can be recharged via a generator in fifteen minutes.[2]

Usually fired in semiautomatic mode, the DH-17 can be modified for fully automatic fire. However, this drains the power pack within twenty seconds, and can generate excess heat capable of melting internal components or causing an explosive overload.[2]


  • Name/Model# - DH-17 Blaster Pistol
  • Designer/Manufacturer - BlasTech Industries
  • Combat Designation - Personal Blaster Pistol
  • Scale - Character
  • Skills Needed - Blaster: blaster pistol
  • Cost of Weapon - 800 Credits
  • Availability - 2, R
  • Ammunition - 100 (1 Power Pack)
  • Range - 5-15/30/120 Metres
  • Destructive Power - 4D
  • Special Abilities - Can be modified to fire in bursts (fully automatic)- a difficult blaster repair roll is required. User receives +3D to blaster roll, but cannot dodge while burst firing.
  • Note - Low-power stun setting can knock a human unconscious for up to 10 minutes.[1]

Behind the scenesEdit

The prop DH-17 were constructed from Sterling Sub machine guns, as were the E-11 blaster rifles




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