DR X55

DR X55 Mine[1]

The Norsam DR X55 Lift-Mine is an explosive device that was used by the Palpatine Empire to block mountain passes and strategic areas, and to supplement artillery fortifications.[1]


The lift mine is a 1m diameter sphere with a Repulsorlift unit in the base, four vehicle sensors in the middle surrounding the explosive, and a lift compensator on the top. [1]


Standard Imperial procedure is to set different mines at different altitude ranges. For example, a field of 100 mines might have 40 covering the area from 1m to 10m, to guard against land vehicles and low flying speeder bikes, 30 covering the area between 11m and 25m, to deal with high flying speeder bikes, and 30 between 26m and 40 m, to block airspeeders and cloud cars attempting a low pass. The Mines are not capable of horizontal movement. [1]


  • Type: Repulsorlift mine
  • Scale: Speeder
  • Length: 1 meter diameter
  • Move: 250
  • Maneuverability: 1D
  • Cost: Not available for sale
  • Availability: X
  • Blast Radius: 1-5/10/15/ 20 m
  • Damage: 4D/3D/2D/1D
  • Flight Ceiling: 500 meters
  • Notes: Mines can be set for a specific height or to move between two heights. Mines move up to 250 meters per round, although soldiers can program them to rise and fall at slower speeds. Mines detect vehicles up to 100 meters away. Once a target is detected, it will adjust its height to match that of the vehicle, detonating when a vehicle passes within 3 meters. Mines cannot be detonated by other mines. [2]


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