The Sovereign- class USS Enterprise-E fires her main Type 12 Phaser array[1]

The Type 12 Phaser designation is used to describe the phaser arrays used on recent starships. This is the type designation of the phaser cannons of the Defiant-class starships and the standard beam phaser arrays of the Prometheus-class and Sovereign-class starships. [2]

Previously designated as the 'Type 10+',[N 1] the Type 12 phaser has been used in dedicated planetary defence arrays and as the main armament of heavy fortified starbases since 2363. It was considered that the Type 12 was unsuitable for use on a starship platform because the energy requirements of the array where too high and the supporting hardware too bulky. However, by 2368 the power plant of the Sovereign class had grown large enough to support Type 12 arrays in place of the planned Type 10 models; technical improvements had also allowed for considerable shrinkage in the size of the equipment. The main phaser armament of the new Sovereign class starship therefore comprises Type 12 phaser arrays as does the armament of the Prometheus class currently under development. These are the most powerful phaser weapons currently in use by the Federation.[3]



  1. This designation was used for security reasons, as the exact energy output is classified.


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