Laser Bola[1]

The Laser Bola is a traditional weapon of the Borellian Nomen in the original version of Battlestar Galactica. Up to three are usually slung on bandoliers on Nomen, whose Code dictates that they never leave their person or be drawn in haste, without thought.


When thrown, they appear as two glowing balls connected by a red line. Once drawn, however, they must be thrown at a target or explode upon reaching critical mass; they cannot be deactivated by any other means. Should the bola not be thrown at a target, the detonation time is around 50 to 60 microns (Approximately 30 to 36 seconds) after activation. Once used, however, they are deactivated and are apparently reusable ("The Man with Nine Lives", "Baltar's Escape").


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