Ceremonial Lirpa[1]

The Lirpa is a traditional Vulcan weapon. It is composed of a wooden[2] or metal[3] shaft a little over a metre in length, with a crescent blade on one end and a large club on the other. The half below the shaped blade had some Vulcan lettering on it. The blade is extremely sharp, capable of cutting through metal. Lirpas are one of the weapons available for use in the kal-if-fee challange which formed a part of Vulcan mating rituals.[4]
Combat Lirpa

Combat Lirpa[5]

The Vulcan military has also used Lirpas on occasion when energy weapons could not be used - for instance, in the short Vulcan civil war of 2154 patrols in the Forge used Lirpas as the energy dampening fields in the area made energy weapons useless. These weapons had smaller blades and clubs than the ceremonial versionin order to improve their handling characteristics. Jonathan Archer disarmed one of the patrols and proved to be very familiar with the use of this weapon because of his mind meld with Syrran. [6]


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