The Ma'Tok staff, more commonly known as a Staff weapon, is the primary weapon used by Jaffa warriors in the Stargate universe.[1]

Staff Weapon

Schematic of the Ma'Tok Staff.[1]


The 2m long, 4.5kg Ma'Tok consists of a staff containing a liquid naquadah power cell, with a small flattened club like pod containing an energy reservoir, complete with energy ducts, at one end. At the other end is a curved firing head designed to split into four parts to allow the discharge of bolts of yellow plasma.

The triggerEdit

The trigger is located under a handle below the head, and allows the staff to fire both single shots - by pressing and quickly releasing the trigger - and continuous fire - by holding the trigger down.[2]

Staff control

The control mechanism of a Ma'Tok staff weapon [1]

Use by non Goa'uldEdit

While being briefed by General Hammond, Jack O'Neill demonstrated his ability to operate a staff weapon by activating an example left behind after the raid against the Earth Stargate.[3]




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