The Negative Power Coupler/Positive Flow Detonator is a powerful jury rigged bomb, created by fusing a negative power coupler with a positive flow detonator.


To create the bomb, the prong slot end of the detonator is placed into the Garris end of the coupler. placing the detonator in the coupling will result in the positive flow from the detonator overheating the metal of both devices, fusing them together. This leads to a power build up that will drive both machines into a critical state, causing a tremendous explosion.

The main flaw of this bomb is that the explosion can occur instantly, a possibility that cannot be avoided as the bomb is constructed from two components that should never be put together. [1]


  • Scale: Speeder
  • Damage:
    • Point Blank (1m to 2m) - 8D
    • Short (3m to 4m) - 6D
    • Medium (5m to 6m) - 4D
    • Long (7m to 10m) - 3D
  • Weight: over 40kg
  • Cost:
    • Power Coupler - Readily available at no cost
    • Flow Detonator - 100 Credits[1]


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