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Repulse Hand[1]

  • Model: Control Zone Repulse-Hand
  • Type: Offense cyber prosthetic Skill:
  • Repulse-hand Cost: 300 credits per pip (minimum cost 1,500)
  • Cyber Points: 2 Game
  • Notes: Repulse-hand adds 1D to repulse-hand damage. User gains repulse-hand skill at 0D. Must buy repulse-hand skill to equal or greater than Strength. Skill and damage are set at time of purchase and may not be improved at a later date. Skill replaces brawling and brawling parry and may be used for melee parry. For example, if a character wants to buy a repulse-hand at 4D+2, it will cost 4,200 credits. Source: Cracken’s Rebel Field Guide (page 41) [1]


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