ST2 Concussion missile [1]

The Arakyd ST2 concussion missile was a type of missile armament installed in the Millennium Falcon by Han Solo. [2]


Like all concussion missiles, The ST2 is a self contained projectile weapon armed with an explosive warhead. Primarily designed for atmospheric bombing attacks, due to the devastation caused by the concussive effects of the blast, concussion missiles are also effective when used in outer space .[3]

An ST2 missile is just over 1 meter long and as powerful as a standard proton torpedo. Launched from ST2 concussion missile racks, they cost 750 credits apiece. Using these missiles, Lando Calrissian breached the reactor core of the second Death Star during the Battle of Endor. The missiles were covered with a green energy shield while in flight and had orange exhaust flames. [2]

The Armoured tube of the missile carries the warhead, complete with homing beacon, a guidance computer and a propellent system. Energy Envelope projectors located at the mid point wrap the missile in a protective energy shroud, giving it the appearance of an elongated laser cannon bolt.[3]

The ST2 concussion missile rack was a concussion missile launcher developed by Arakyd Industries for their ST2 concussion missile. It had a magazine of four missiles, and cost 1,500 credits. [4]


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