The Sandman gun is the basic weapon of Deep Sleep operatives (AKA Sandmen).


There appear to be three main variants of the weapon, of which the later two are visibly identical.

Novel VersionEdit

The gun is described in the book as having six chambers each holding a different type of charge.

In the comic The Huntsman (Bizarre Adventures #2 Marvel Comics) they were using a six chambered weapon.

Film VersionEdit

The Sandman Gun (also known as the Deep Sleep Gun) has no variable ammunition options, but benefits from having the much larger ammunition capacity of 120 rounds or firings (good for approximately six weeks of normal Deep Sleep Operative use). Instead of firing solid projectiles, the gun shoots charged particles of variable intensity. A single well placed shot is enough to kill a human or destroy certain obstacles.

The gun's body is made up of teflon-plated tempered durasteel. The range of the Sandman Gun is approximately 360 feet, and has an average recharge time of three hours.

TV Series VersionEdit

In the television series The flameguns were called "weapons" and had three settings: Stun, Blast, and Kill. Settings were changed by turning the back of the barrel. The reason was a 'family values' issue at CBS. Logan's Run was a 'family' show thus the word "Gun" had certain connotations and could not be used.

Real World DepictionsEdit


Internal Blueprint by Richard Coyle (Reference websites.., and[2]


The Flamegun design - sheet 4 of the Star Trek Blueprints: Weapons and Field Equipment - 1 set.[3]


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