Standard Sentry Laser Pistol[1]


Almost unique among science fiction laser weapons in having more than one barrel. this is the the standard sidearm for the sentry robots aboard the research vessel USS Cygnus in the Disney film The Balck Hole.


Captain S.T.A.R.,[N 1] the all black prototype for the Sentry Robots, carried a pair of chrome coloured pistols.


Although it is not explicitly stated, it is most likely that these weapons were designed after the USS Cygnus disappeared, as part of the development of the Sentry Robots.


I've always liked the production design of The Black Hole a great deal, and in particular, I've always thought that the Sentry robots' ray guns, with their unique, over-and-under barrels and sleek, black finish, were especially cool looking. Of course, I'm not a bonafide genius like Dr. Reinhardt, but if I were designing robots specifically for duty as security troops, I'd probably have their weapons built right into them instead of having them carry around pistols -- but then our heroes wouldn't have been able to appropriate the lasers for use in their escape from the Cygnus, would they? Christopher Mills - Tuesday, July 26, 2011. [1]

USS Palimino first officer Charles Pizer carrying a pair of Sentry Laser Pistols[1]



  1. Old B.O.B. revealed to V.I.N.Cent that this stood for 'Special Troops Arms Regiment


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