Viper Grenade Launcher[1]

The Viper Grenade Launcher is a squad support weapon, designed to supplement a blaster rifle or carbine.[2]


The Viper Grenade Launcher is a underslung attachment that can be mounted on a rifle or carbine. This weapon considered to be the best underslung grenade launcher available, and was on the market at least after the Battle of Yavin. The Alliance to Restore the Republic makes use of this weapon. Constructed with a Tybrene Launcher and vibro balancing systems, this weapon is incredibly precise at ranges below its maximum rated range. The firing stud is found on the right side of the weapon. [1]


  • Name/Model#: Viper Grenade Launcher
  • Designer/Manufacturer: Zone Control
  • Combat Designation: Portable Grenade Launcher
  • Scale: Character
  • Skills Needed: Heavy Weapon
  • Cost of Weapon: 500 Credits
  • Cost of Each Grenade: Grenades
  • Availability: 3, 2, R
  • Ammunition: 2
  • Range: Short 1-250 Metres, Medium 251-350 Metres, Long 351-500 Metres
  • Destructive Power: As Per Grenade (Variable Damage)
  • Reload Time: 2 Rounds
  • Note: Galladinium's Fantastic Technology: Guns and Gear for Any Occasion lists weapon availability as 32, R; most likely meant 3, 2, R. Stats, diagram and background information do not agree with each other. Stats say 5 ammo, while background and diagram say 2.[1]




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