Zat'nik'tel in open (left) and closed (right) configurations[1]

The Zat'nik'tel[N 1] is a compact hand held weapon used by Goa'uld foot soldiers in the Stargate Saga.


The gun comprises three sections

Operating InstructionsEdit

The gun is activated by squeezing the lower section, thus causing the upper section to open outwards and upwards like a cobra ready to strike. Additional squeezes result in the gun discharging an energy beam, [N 2]allowing the gun to be fired many times in quick succession.[2]

Mechanical functionEdit

Anatomical EffectsEdit

A single bolt can render a standard humanoid unconscious for 20 minutes. A second bolt fired before the first wears off will kill the target, with a third bolt vaporising the target.[2]


Stargate personnel first became aware of the weapon during a recon mission to a Goa'uld transport ship assigned to an attack against Earth[4] Stargate Command have since acquired sufficient examples of the weapon for them to become standard issue for all SGC teams traveling through the Stargate.[2]




  1. Name abbreviated to Zat gun by Jack O'Neill.[2]
  2. Although not stated, it would make sense for the first squeeze to use the palm of the hand, and the discharge squeezes to use the fingers.[3]


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